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I'm not that hungry. I think I'm just going to have a salad. I couldn't find a parking space. They want me to come to Madurai. He lacks the talent to be an actor. Sorry, that's too late. I usually go to bed around 10:00PM. How do you like your new school? I have many friends who speak fluently, but still don't sound like native speakers. Yeah, that would be nice. I have a meeting in an hour. I can meet you afterwards, if that's OK. The meeting shouldn't last long. It was not clear what she said. This video is boring.
Expertpdf: - He attained his goal.
- That company is managed by my older brother.
- How are you going to learn to drive? Do you want me to teach you?
- She treated him like a king.
- Those glasses suit you.
- Are you comfortable?
- Is it useful?
- Is the bath clean?
- Clean your room.
- She was suspected of being a spy.
I thought you went shopping yesterday. According to Mike, Mac bought a new car. Do you like tennis? Yes, that's good. Where would you like to go? I shouldn't have accused him of stealing the money. She advised him to take a long holiday. I always carry a bottle of mineral water with me. Sure, I've had the steak and the lobster before. They're both very good. I've got butterflies in my stomach. Mary is respected by everyone.

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